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Spend Some Time Planning Your Marriage.

Relationship Counseling + Financial Planning

Building us is an innovative premarital counseling program that combines relationship counseling with Financial advising. Jointly developed by a family therapist and a financial advisor, Building us is designed to give couples a solid foundation prior to the wedding and during their first year of marriage.

Balance Career, Family, & Children
Build Connection and Communication
Financial Advising and Coaching

Your wedding is a day.
Your marriage is a lifetime.

The program includes six exploratory sessions and eight follow-up sessions during the first year of marriage.

Before the Wedding

Healthy Security | Building Trust
Healthy Connection | Building Intimacy
Healthy Communication | Building Teamwork
Healthy Family Boundaries | Building Peace
Healthy Sexuality | Building Desire
Healthy Vision | Building our Future

After the Wedding

Building Problem Solving Skills (4 Sessions)
Foundation to Healthy Money
Determining Your Financial Health
Insurance and Estate Planning
Save For Tomorrow

Dr. Matt Morris

Dr. Matt Morris is a family therapist to some of New Orleans’ most distinguished families. He has a PhD specializing in Family Therapy and is licensed as both a Professional Counselor (LPC) and Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in Louisiana. Learn more about Dr. Matt Morris on his website.
Erik Garcia
Erik Garcia is a Financial Advisor that believes financial success is not only due to successful investing but more importantly healthy attitudes and behaviors about money. He specializes in working with families and business owners to make wise financial decisions ranging from savings, debt and investing. Learn more about Erik Garcia on his website.

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