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About the Sessions

Total Price $1900 paid upfront

10 face to face sessions with Dr. Matt – Six before the wedding and four sessions during the first year of marriage. Sessions last 50 minutes and are scheduled based upon your wedding timeline.

Session 1: Healthy Security – Building Trust

  1. Assessing your relationship health
  2. Discussion of healthy relationships
  3. Exploration of secure marital love

Session 2: Healthy Connection – Building Intimacy

  1. Creating and maintaining closeness and connection
  2. Assessment of availability and responsiveness to each other

Session 3: Healthy Communication – Building Teamwork

  1. Joint session with Financial Advisor, Erik Garcia
  2. Using “Us” meetings
  3. Communicating about tough subjects

Session 4: Healthy Family Boundaries – Building Peace

  1. Exploring family-of-origin patterns
  2. Establishing a boundary around our marriage
  3. Enjoying & Accommodating extended family

Session 5: Health Sexuality – Building Desire

  1. Exploring expectations & desires
  2. Identifying sexual hurts
  3. Cultivating passion

Session 6: Healthy Vision – Building our Future

  1. Balancing togetherness & separateness
  2. Planning for children and change
  3. Living with work stress

Sessions 7-10: (during first year) Healthy Negotiations – Building Problem Solving Skills

  1. Finding Solutions & Building on Strengths
  2. Negotiating Differences
  3. Fighting Fair & Repairing Injuries
  4. Maintaining “Us”

Four face to face Sessions with Erik. The sessions are flexible and can happen after marriage. You will also get two 30 minute video chat check up meetings with Erik. You never know what’s going to come up!

Session 1: Two Become one: Foundation to Healthy Money

  1. Understanding your money past
  2. Discuss financial changes you will face after marriage
  3. Setting a shared vision
  4. Build your confidence in reaching your vision

Session 2: Determining your Financial Health

  1. Why net worth matters
  2. Understand your credit and why it matters
  3. Squash Debt
  4. Learn to spend with with purpose
  5. Develop a system to track your spending

Session 3: Insurance and Estate Planning

  1. Understanding what kind of insurance you need now that you’re married
  2. Understand and maximize your company benefits
  3. Learn what Estate documents you should have in place

Session 4: Save for Tomorrow

  1. Understand the power of saving early
  2. How to pick the right investments
  3. Understand the different ways to save
Dr. Matt Morris
Dr. Matt Morris is a family therapist to some of New Orleans’ most distinguished families. He has a PhD specializing in Family Therapy and is licensed as both a Professional Counselor (LPC) and Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in Louisiana. Learn more about Dr. Matt Morris on his website.
Erik Garcia
Erik Garcia is a Financial Advisor that believes financial success is not only due to successful investing but more importantly healthy attitudes and behaviors about money. He specializes in working with families and business owners to make wise financial decisions ranging from savings, debt and investing. Learn more about Erik Garcia on his website.

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