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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your professional experience in this area?

Dr. Matt Morris has been counseling couples for over a decade. He’s a professor of counseling at Our Lady of Holy Cross College, specializing in couples therapy. He’s also the current president of the Louisiana Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Erik Garcia was raised in the financial services industry. A graduate of Tulane University, he’s been advising clients on a host of financial matters for over 14 years. He’s known throughout the industry and one of the most competent and compassionate advisors with a heart for teaching sound financial skills.

Did either of you participate in premarital counseling?

Dr. Matt Morris: Yes – 15 or so years ago. I met with a college minister for a few sessions and filled out a compatibility form. Guess it worked!

Erik Garcia: Yes- We went through the Engaged encounter and Pre-Cana program at our Church

Is premarital counseling helpful?

Yes, GOOD premarital counseling is beneficial. A large national study found that good PM counseling decreases the odds of divorce by 30 percent, and it’s associated with higher levels of marital satisfaction and decreased conflict.

Where will meetings take place?

The meetings are designed to take place on your schedule at either one of our offices. The meetings most commonly take place over several months and times that are convenient to you.

Are the meetings joint or separate?

You’ll meet as a couple for the premarital counseling portion with either Dr. Matt and for the financial advising with Erik. There will be at least one joint meeting with everyone in the same room.

How much does Building Us cost?


Can I give this as a gift?

Sure! Building Us is probably far more useful than another set of dishes.

What if we’re attending premarital counseling through our church?

Great! Building Us is not designed to replace faith-based premarital counseling, though many clients are referred from churches. Also, many Building Us clients attend some type of premarital counseling through their congregation.

What if we’re not religious?

Building Us is not religious counseling. It’s sound premarital consultation and financial advising for anyone getting married who is seeking a solid foundation.

Do your practices provide services beyond premarital consulting?

Yes. Both professionals meet with clients in a number of family therapy and financial planning capacities. Building Us is one aspect of our professional practices.

What if I already have a financial advisor?

Great! This service is designed to help newly married couples successfully merge finances, explore differing financial styles, while building skills and processes together.

What if we only want premarital counseling or financial advising?

No problem. Call us and we’ll set it up.

Dr. Matt Morris
Dr. Matt Morris is a family therapist to some of New Orleans’ most distinguished families. He has a PhD specializing in Family Therapy and is licensed as both a Professional Counselor (LPC) and Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in Louisiana. Learn more about Dr. Matt Morris on his website.
Erik Garcia
Erik Garcia is a Financial Advisor that believes financial success is not only due to successful investing but more importantly healthy attitudes and behaviors about money. He specializes in working with families and business owners to make wise financial decisions ranging from savings, debt and investing. Learn more about Erik Garcia on his website.

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