How to Stop Stressing About Stress


In this episode of Building Us podcast, co-hosts Erik Garcia, CFP®, and Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT, discuss better ways to deal with stress, the different kinds of stress, and how stress impacts our relationships.

Episode Highlights:

  • Erik explains the volatility index measures the level of stress in the stock markets. (3:53)
  • Erik shares that podcasting can be a stressor. (4:41)
  • What are the possible problems if we don’t deal with our stress? (5:54)
  • Matt says prolonged exposure to stress does negatively affect the body. (6:39)
  • Matt shares that there have been studies about chronic stress and children’s adverse childhood exposure to stress scales. (7:46)
  • Matt explains what good stress is. (8:35)
  • Erik explains how stress can impact our decision making. (9:43)Matt says how we think about stress affects our experience of stress. (9:18)
  • Matt talks about an old theory in the counseling world developed by Reuben Hill known as the ABC model for family stress. (11:18)
  • Matt explains the issue of resources. (13:36)
  • Matt says that the first step of dealing with stress is acknowledging the problem. (19:40) 
  • Erik believes that stress is coming from some point of legitimacy. (24:21)
  • Matt says what you’re feeling is connected to a deeper value for you. (24:35)
  • Matt says that the second step of dealing with stress is owning our stress by connecting it to our value. (26:00)
  • Matt shares that if we can clarify what we feel we’re much better able to choose behaviors that are productive and adaptive. (30:22)
  • Matt explains the significance of looking for a behavior that will help us to cope with stress. (30:35)
  • Matt says that social networks are part of our resources. (32:18)
  • Matt explains how COVID can be a stressor. (33:22)
  • Matt talks about debilitating perception. (39:11)

Key Quotes:

  • “Not all stress is equal. There’s good stress, there’s bad stress and some stress does help us function more optimally.” – Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT
  • “We’re not at our best, we’re not as sharp as we’d normally be when we’re experiencing a lot of stress.” – Erik Garcia, CFP®
  • “Perception is so powerful in living well through stressful experiences.” – Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT

Resources Mentioned:

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