One More Month… We’re Having Our First Baby with Lee and Izabela Cormier

We are having our first baby, in one month! Listen in as Lee Cormier and Izabela Cormier, of Canal Street Church, share their pregnancy story and talk about the physical and emotional aspects of becoming a parent as they prepare to welcome baby Cormier into the world in this episode of the Building Us podcast, hosted by Erik Garcia, CFP®, and Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Izabela and Lee share a little bit about themselves. (6:51)
  • How’s the pregnancy been going for Izabela? (10:03)
  • Izabela shares one of the factors that surprised her about being pregnant. (13:21)
  • Lee shares one of the factors that surprised him. (16:45)
  • Lee mentions why there still isn’t an emotional connection. (17:10)
  • Lee shares one of the factors that made an emotional connection to him. (21:25)
  • What is Lee’s main concern? (24:17)
  • Izabela shares why she’s been focusing all of her energy and thoughts on the actual labor and delivery. (25:31)
  • Is there any aspect to finances that stresses Lee and Izabela the most? (35:38)

Key Quote:

  • “I’m a pretty loyal and protective person. If I care about you, if you’re my friend, or if we have a deep relationship, I care for you deeply. I want to protect you at all costs.” – Lee Cormier
  • “I hope that I will be able to transfer the receiving gifts part, even like buying things for myself and giving it to our child and being a father who gives good and abundant gifts to our children. And that’s how I’ll find satisfaction.” – Lee Cormier
  • “I’m bringing our child into a healthy environment where its needs will be taken care of. So when things do come up that are potentially stressful financially, I just kind of fall back on being grateful for the position we’re in.” – Izabela Cormier

Resources Mentioned:

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